Hi there, I'm Juliana. Lovely to meet you.

I'm a Yoga Alliance qualified registered yoga teacher (YA RYT 200hrs), also trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Campus, continuously investing into learning from some of the world's most influential and experienced teachers. 

Yoga offering

I offer a fluid hatha yoga to support body, mind and spirit as explored through my own experience and informed by some of my favourite teachers and modalities. My practice and teaching aim to bring a certain radiance, fluidity and therapeutic elements to yoga so that it is of service to the body, mind and overall wellbeing.  The classes are for all levels and abilities and work to encourage alignment and awareness in movement and stillness. This approach provides you with the freedom to work at your own pace, in your own body, to create space, strength and balance - helping to develop habits to take off the mat through the growth of self-awareness, self-expression and greater self-care. 

Yoga Alliance Professionals Member

Yoga Alliance Professionals Member

Yoga journey

I first came to yoga in my early twenties simply, like many of us, as a form of exercise. It was not until my late twenties that I grasped the transformative nature of the practice and that experience is what I try to share with my students. 

I had spent many years working in a challenging, interesting career in London, which I enjoyed. What I didn't realise was that I was suffering from poor health as a result. A Chinese proverb says "tension is who you think you should be", and so I did, suffering from back pain, muscle tension, stress and anxiety because I, like many, had forgotten what my relaxed and connected self felt like.

Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.
— Chinese proverb
Juliana Proskourina-Barnett - Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher

Juliana Proskourina-Barnett - Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher

Transformative nature of yoga 

A regular yoga practice helped me to become aware of and overcome years of tension, develop strength, and learn the power of the present and relaxation in supporting my wellbeing. The transformation was organic. Simply, I was increasingly drawn to my yoga mat. The mat was a space where I felt safe, grounded, strong, light, free and expansive all at the same time. It was a place where I gave myself the permission and opportunity to focus on the self without expectations.  In time and with dedication, resulting in a healthier and more balanced body and mind, which translated into an improved quality of life off the mat. This is what yoga offered me and what I try to share with my students and people like you so that we can work to help improve and maintain health and wellbeing.

YOGA with Juliana @ Light Space Private Studio

Yoga has something to offer you

So whether you want to reconnect with your natural rhythm, tone, strengthen, increase flexibility, destress, or energise, yoga has something to offer you. 

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and my teaching. Please do get in touch or take a class. I very much look forward to meeting you. 

Great thanks

I am grateful to all the teachers who have taught and inspired me including: the balmy, spiralling flows which soothe and challenge as offered by London's Caroline Tautz and New York's / Vancouver's Clara Roberts-Oss; practices that nourish female power and wellbeing through yoga nidra, pregnancy yoga and yoni practices of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli; the holistic wisdom of Doug Keller's therapeutic yoga which taught me so much about my own body and mind; and the precision and focus offered by Rod Styker's Parayoga. I am also grateful to my first yoga trainer Louise Cashin for her support. I look forward to a lifelong journey of learning, exploration and sharing the wisdom of this therapeutic practice we call yoga. 

Get out of your head and get into your heart.
Think less, feel more.
— Osho