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FULLY BOOKED: Breath is Health: Rediscovering our breath and an introduction to Pranayama - December 2018

  • Light Space Private Studio Near Harlyn Primary School Pinner, England, HA5 United Kingdom (map)

This workshop is now fully booked but if you’re looking for something that offers a little self-care, you might also benefit from the Mini Retreat in January. I will also be offering this breath workshop again in spring/summer 2019 so feel free to email to express interest.


We are a generation of hidden chronic “over-breathers” (or hyperventilators) which has been referred to as a “21 Century epidemic”. This can have a very serious impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. But there are plenty of simple things we can do to inform and support ourselves with nourishing breathing practices, noticing and breaking out of dysfunctional breathing habits, as part of our daily routines on and off the yoga mat which will help support our overall wellbeing.

Why is this important? Because when we over-breathe we reduce the levels of CO2 in our body. CO2 deficiency, known as hypocapnia, has a serious effect on our body and mind including links to anxiety and panic disorders, back pain, sleep disturbance, inflammation, allergies, eczema, asthma, fatigue, among others.

Why is it “hidden”? Mainly because most of us don’t realise that we’re over-breathing and our health professionals may not always notice or link it to more serious health conditions or explain how our often dysfunctional breathing patterns can impact our physical and mental wellbeing.

And why is over-breathing an “epidemic”? Studies show that over 90% of people are now hyperventilators. That’s most the vast majority of us!

So what can we do? Breath is powerful but very accessible. We can tune into our breath anytime, anywhere. Just being more aware of our breath, having the right tools to understand and access it’s benefits, means we can have better knowledge and ownership of our own body and mind.

How can yoga help? Yoga offers students the practice of breath, pranayama, as a way to develop awareness and work with the breath in a gentle and supporting manner.

This workshop seeks to demystify breathing practices: We will look at anatomy, physiology, theory and supporting yoga practices to explore our breath, making the practices accessible and relevant on and off the mat.

So join us on 1 December, 12.30pm at the beautiful Light Space Private Studio for this 2 hour workshop exploring the beauty and power of our breath to bring us wellness and enable us to step into our full selves.

No previous yoga experience necessary. This workshop is open to all ages and abilities.

You may wish to team this up with the Mini Yoga Retreat which would compliment his workshop nicely >

Event details

  • Cost: £25

  • Location: The workshop will take place at Light Space Private Studio which is located in HA5 near Harlyn Primary School. As this is a private studio, the address is not published online. Once you have booked your place please get in touch for full address details and directions.

  • Space is limited: 8 max to ensure a safe and nourishing practice so please book asap

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