Developing a home practice

My ambition as a teacher is to offer you a guided, nourishing practice in class which provides you with the right tools to develop a personal practice. With time, as well as class attendance, I hope you feel empowered to take your practice out of our yoga classes and into your home so that it truly becomes your own, serves you, your wellbeing and your life, whenever you need and in whatever way you need.

On this page I've offered some resources that you might find of benefit in developing a home practice, to nourish between classes, during holidays and perhaps even when travelling or away with work.

Some resources are created by me and some are offered by others which I'd like to share with you because I've found them really useful, insightful, transformational. Over time, I'll offer more selected resources including videos, graphics, visuals, links, readings and books to support your practice and help you bring it home, to yourself.

And before you move on to exploring your guided home practice... a little waiver alert! As always, please be sure to practice at your own pace, rest whenever you need, and give yourself permission not to do anything that doesn't suit your body, health or general wellbeing. Usual YOGA with Juliana class conditions apply and if you're a new student to YOGA with Juliana then please take a moment to complete the relevant new student registration form and familiarise yourself with the terms stated there and on the Terms + Privacy page before you do any of these practices.

I hope you enjoy exploring your home practice!

Juliana x

Surya Namaskar Collection

Over the next few months I'll add more Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, practices to suit you in a variety of ways. Here are the first couple of offered practices. 

Sun Salute for beginners + nourishing movement

This 30min guided Sun Salutation is perfect for those new to the practice or those just wanting to get into their bodies first thing in the morning or after a long day.

We break up the sequence of movement into digestable chunks which are repeated several times before weaving the whole practice together into one continuous, fluid movement. 

Sun Salute to support wrists and shoulders

This short 10min Sun Salutation is adapted and guided with wrists and shoulders in mind, offering you supporting options to create more space and ease while maintaining fluidity in movement and strength.

Pregnancy Sun Salute

Please see pregnancy and fertility yoga section further down the page. 

Tools for modern life

Life can get pretty hectic, right? Here are a few tools to help bring you back home to yourself, to a fuller internal space within you that is calmer, clearer, connected, hopefully leaving you feeling a little more, spacious, nourished and balanced. 

Loving kindness meditation

A short, 5min practice, perfecting for refilling your cup. Just find a comfortable seat and make sure you feel cosy as Dr Pearl Hilliard guides you through this practice. 

Calming breath practice

In this 8min video Debbie guides you through an extended exhale breathing practice. When we extend our exhalation we stimulate the calming part of our nervous system where we repair/rest/digest/heal. Follow along as she guides you through this technique and as you learn how to do this you can use this breath to help support and maintain balance, or to calm yourself down when you are under stress and feel like you need to relax.

Yoga nidra - yogic deep relaxation

This 16min yoga nidra, offered kindly by Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, was recorded by a lively stream, high up in the Heavens' Woods in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Its intention is re-integration, nourishment and restful meditative awareness.

To make the most of this practice please make yourself as comfortable as you can. Laying down in any shape that feels good to you today - on your back, front or side - supported by any mats, props or blankets you feel would make your experience more nourishing. The cosier, the better. I suggest turning your phone on airplane or sleep mode to ensure you're not disturbed during this time of rest. 

Pregnancy and Fertility yoga

Physical (asana based) pregnancy yoga practices are suitable for women from 12 weeks to full-term, for all levels of experience. Yoga Nidra practices are suitable for all pregnant women, women trying to conceive and new mums. 

Pregnancy yoga Sun Salutation

A practice which will be familiar to students who come to the pregnancy yoga classes, here's a little guided movement practice you can do at home. Repeat equally on both sides and keep the breath flowing with focus on a lovely long, full exhale through the mouth. 

Pregnancy Sun Salute.png

Prenatal yoga for all trimesters

This 30min prenatal yoga with Adrianne is a great was to get into your body, feel your breath and connect to your baby. 

If you don't have blocks and bolsters, you can use blankets, cushions, a ew yoga mats rolled together - whatever you had around you to make your practice as comfortable and supported as possible. Enjoy. 

Getting comfortable and resting during pregnancy

Uma reminds us of the importance of rest during pregnancy to support yourself and the development of your baby. But it's not always easy. This short 10min practice offers you some yoga options for comfort and support during your pregnancy. 

Yoga nidra for fertility and pregnancy

This 22min deep relaxation practice was recorded live with Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in a garden in Amherst, Massachusetts, especially for the Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth online summit. 

To make the most of this practice please make yourself as comfortable as you can. Laying down in any shape that feels good to you today - if pregnant, ensuring you're supported up at 45 degrees or on your left side - with whatever mats, props or blankets you feel would make your experience more nourishing. The cosier, the better. I suggest turning your phone on airplane or sleep mode to ensure you're not disturbed during this time of rest. 

Using yoga positions to prime the body for comfortable birthing

Students often ask me how yoga helps beyond class and in labour and birthing. Good question! While it's super unlikely that mums in any stage of labour will be there thinking "oh, let me recall what we did in that yoga class a few weeks back", what is far more realistic is that through your yoga classes you explore positions in the body and discover what your body likes, what makes you feel comfortable, how to move into your breath, how to let go of holding or struggling and so your body is primed for seeking out these comforts, these notions of returning to calmer places, to the self and your baby during labour and birthing.

All the positions we explore in yoga classes are also birthing positions. We very rarely do poses (unless they have a specific function) that you can't use in your labour and birthing journey. So, here are a few active birthing positions offered by online sources to help you visually link birthing to your yoga practice. Explore them at home and incorporate them in to your yoga practice. Let the body explore this land of movement so it familiarises itself with the positions that bring you comfort and ease. 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for
— Unknown